Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Spirit Of Christmas

Growing up in the Kentucky Christmas was always a special time of year.

Living in the country -- what my husband calls the other side of the sticks -- was a simple life, but left me with many wonderful memories of this special season. Memories that will forever be engraved upon my mind.  

My parents didn’t have much money but they did what they could to make each Christmas special.

Two weeks before Christmas, my dad would go into the woods around our home in search of the perfect Christmas tree. These trees were not grown on a tree farm that was attended by the caring hands of a farmer, but grew wild and was attended by their creator. Excitement ran high as we children would help mom get the lights and decorations ready for the arrival of the tree. With faces pressed against the windows, waiting for the return of my father, our hearts overflowed with joy when dad walk back into the yard with the chosen tree.

It didn’t take long for the house to fill with the aroma of cedar once the tree was brought inside. It was then I knew Christmas was not far away.

On Dec. 4,  Calvary Christian Center gave away more than 250 Christmas trees and 200 filled stocking for children. I couldn’t help but wonder how the children would go home that afternoon, with parents who may not have much money, with their hearts filled with the same excitement I felt as a child.
To give hope to others is exactly what Jesus did when He came to earth as a baby many years ago. Hope for mankind, not just for life here on earth, but for eternity as well.

If you would like to know more about this HOPE or would like special pray for yourself or someone you love, please contact by e-mail at Mckinleyclm@gmail.com or call Calvary Christian Center at 610-323-0480

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